Smart-fab Roll 1.22m x 12.20m - Grass Green

Smart-Fab is the smart alternative to paper and cloth. It is much more durable than paper and much more affordable than cloth. It won't fade, tear, fray or wear, so you can use it in sunlight, high humidity and even rain. It's an innovative non-woven fabric that's easy to cut, fold, glue, sew and staple; and even paint and draw on. It is strong, yet flexible but doesn't fray. And it is recyclable. It's perfect for an unlimited range of indoor and outdoor projects, including notice boards, banners, arts and crafts and scenic design.

Cut it, sew it (by hand or machine), paste it or draw on it with most glues and art media. Puff it into exciting 3D creations!

The Smart-Fab 1.22m X 12.2m series makes it easy to keep a large number of colors on hand, for an economical approach to small design and arts and crafts projects that require a large variety of hues.
  • Colour: Grass Green
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 12.2mtr