Nara Flower Clay - 500gm

Water based, air-drying modelling material that dries translucent, can bend and twist completely without breaking or shattering as it has high flexibility and high elasticity. It can be pulled into thin petal-like shapes making it perfect for making flowers, as the stems and petals will bend freely without breaking afterit has completely dried.

  • Oil based colours and inks can also be mixed in while working with the clay. Acrylic or poster paints can be applied too
  • Flower Clay needs to be kept in an air-tight storage in order for the clay to remain soft
  • Recommended for sculpting flower petals and stems or for any detailed project
  • When dried can bend 360 degrees and twist without breaking
  • When active, can adhere easily to itself without using glue
  • Size: 500gm

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