Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint, S1, 80ml - Toning Grey Pinkish

The Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint is an extremely versatile acrylic paint with its rich, buttery consistency allowing for easy application, and the brilliant, high-pigment, lightfast formulation creating bright, long-lasting artworks with a satin finish.  It is compatible with all Atelier grounds preparations, mediums and varnishes. Perfect for impasto, textural and glazing techniques, these lightfast paints offer artists unsurpassed control over the painting process, when used with Atelier Mediums.

The paint behaves like a conventional acrylic with its quick drying time. But unlike conventional acrylics, Atelier Interactive's unique patented formula has exclusive properties, allowing wet-in-wet open times to be extended simply with a fine mist of water or moist brush, and returning to fast drying by simply withholding water. Other exclusive properties include allowing touch dry paintings to be worked on, even days later. This can be achieved by using the Atelier Unlocking Formula to re-open and re-work the touch dry sections.

  • S1
  • Water-based
  • Size: 80ml
  • Colour: Toning Grey Pinkish

For the Unlocking Formula, see SW104464 Atelier Unlocking Formula - 250ml

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