5 Star Tempera Poster Paint Pouch 1.5L - Brown

The 5 Star Tempera Poster Paint is a premium, non-toxic, water soluble paint with rich colour pigments that are quick drying and produce vibrant and durable colours. 

All the paint colours are inter-miscible. This versatile paint can be used with a variety of paint mediums like impasto gel or moulding paste and is suitable for use on art pads, lightweight card, newsprint or cartridge paper. 

It can be easily cleaned up with soap and water and has a long shelf life. The paint pouch features a handle and a pour spout to reduce spillage and to allow for precise pours. 

  • Size: 1.5L
  • Colour: Brown
  • New Zealand made

Order 6 to receive a carton

View the safety data sheet here

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