Tork H4 Ultraslim Multifold Mini Hand Towel Dispenser 2320729 - White

This Tork H4 Ultraslim Mini Hand Towel Dispenser System helps to reduce towel wastage by dispensing 1 towel at a time. It is perfect for use in shared bathrooms, kitchens or hand wash stations so people can hygienically dry their hands.

The H4 Dispenser has an ultra slim and compact design so it will fit into smaller spaces. Each towel is dispensed individually to help reduce wastage.The dispenser has 2 windows so you can see when the towels need to be refilled.

The H4 2320729 uses the following Tork hand towels:


  • System: H4 - Hand Towel Ultraslim System
  • Dimensions: 28.5cm(h) x 23.9cm(w) x 8.6cm(d)
  • Colour: White
  • Model: 2320729
  • Lockable: Yes

For large volume users give is a call on 0800 080 4657 or email us about installation options or changing systems. We are here to help you save and to make the process streamlined and easy.