3M 7300 High Productivity Stripper Pad Black - 16 Inch 406mm

The 3M 7300 High Productivity Stripper Pad is #m's most aggressive stripping pad. It is made from nylon and polyester fibers in an open textured, non-woven construction with abrasive particles dispersed throughout it bonded by a durable resin system. Using water based floor finish stripping solutions, the pad quickly and thoroughly removes old floor finishes, sealers, dirt and buildup. The unique, open web construction allows the stripping solution to flow through the pad to rinse out dirt and reduce loading, increasing pad-to-floor contact and efficient stripping.

  • Size: 16 Inch 406mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Model: 7300
  • Quantity: Each

Order 5 to receive a box

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