Bio-Zyme Terracyclic Sanitary Hygiene Base Unit Assembled 26L - White

The Bio-Zyme Terracyclic Sanitary Hygiene Base Unit Assembled is designed for biodegradable sanitary disposal of items such as sanitary products, nappies, colostomy bags and PPE waste disposal. The base unit may be placed on a base plinth or attached to the wall.

This base unit is designed to be used with the Bio-Zyme Terracyclic Sanitary Hygiene Lid & Cartridge unit which is sold separately. The lid & cartridge unit comes with a a deodoriser to help minimise odours and smells.

Using this system obviates the need to use an external sanitary company and save on costs.

  • Capacity: 26L 
  • Colour: White

Order 4 to receive a carton

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