Tena Slip Identifi Sensor Wear Large - Pack of 12

The Tena Slip Identifi Sensor Wear replace regular incontinence protection and provide valuable insights into a resident’s need for toileting assistance, products to use and how often to change them. These disposable products collect information about urine voids through safely integrated and fine thread-like sensors.


  • Comfortable to wear and highly absorbent with safely integrated and fine thread-like sensors
  • Collect voiding information without disturbing the user as the attached TENA Identifi Logger is easily integrated into routines and can be used for three consecutive days (72 hours) to collect voiding information. 
  • Easy to use for the caregiver with the blue connector in the front that supports easy change of the TENA Identifi Logger
  • A new level of knowledge with the more precise voiding diaries and evaluation of residents leads to greater confidence in care decisions based on unbiased, detailed data about each individual resident
  • Lower incontinence-related costs as product usage can be saved by selecting smaller/fewer incontinence products and optimising timing of toileting assistance
  • Improved individual care with better product selection, best time of changing products and toileting assistance based on unbiased, detailed data about each individual resident
  • Easier documentation of care quality 
  • Improved comfort with the right products as less leakage and skin irritation as well as a better night’s sleep as likely effects
  • Greater confidence and independence with customised toileting routines developed based on the TENA Identifi report 
  • Size: Large 
  • Medium to heavy urine leakage
  • Absorbency: 7 droplets
  • Quantity: Pack of 12

Note: There is a delivery time frame of 5 days on this product.

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