Pratt Outdoor Dangerous Goods Cabinet 2 Shelf - 250L

The Pratt Outdoor Dangerous Goods Cabinet provides a convenient and secure enclosure and helps with protocols for the storage of dangerous goods. It is only suitable for outdoor use.


  • Material of Construction: Heavy duty single walled galvanised steel
  • Doors: One
  • Shelves: 2 - 1 fixed base level, 1 x heavy duty galvanised steel adjustable shelf
  • Australian Standard: AS1940, Class 3 AS1940, Class 5.1 AS4326, Class 5.2 AS2714 & Class 6 AS4452
  • Door and rear panel incorporate weatherproof louvered constant ventilation
  • Manual closing door with ISO two-point latching bar
  • Provision for padlock for added security
  • Rubber door seal for added weather protection
  • Two heavy duty door hinges allowing 270 degrees opening to aid loading and unloading
  • Fixed heavy duty open mesh bottom shelf
  • External static earthing connection point at base of cabinet and including metal earthing stake with connecting earthing wire
  • Durable weather and solvent resistant blue powder coated paint finish, both internal and external
  • 150mm deep liquid tight sump for spill collection
  • Front accessible removal sump plug for drainage
  • 4 x heavy duty lifting lugs
  • Heavy duty foot plates with provision for bolting to concrete footing
  • Forklift channels for moving by forklift
  • Palletised and packaged in strong cardboard for protection during transportation and storage
  • Appropriate labelling applied
  • Capacity: 250kg or Litres  

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