ProSense Dexi-Pro Breathable Nitrile on Nylon & Lycra Infused Liner - Size 7

Where jobs require feel and dexterity coupled with an enhanced grip, whatever the conditions, the Bare Hand Technology (BHT) provided by ProSense gloves are the perfect solution.

The body of the glove is made from a light, apparel grade knitted nylon that breathes.

The palm is then dipped in specially formulated coatings to enhance the gripping surface without hindering touch and feel.

Lightweight with a non slip grip to prevent hand tools and materials from slipping in wet or dry conditions, ProSense makes good sense.

Product Details
  • Lightweight lint free nylon machine knit with LYCRATM
  • LYCRATM infusion for improved dexterity and contour to hand shape with ultra thin nitrile foam palm
  • Nitrile Coating provides superior gripping power in wet, and dry conditions yet retains superior feel
  • Extra long 20mm cuff
  • Anti-static liner
  • Oeko-Tex 100 compliant
ProSense BNNL Dexi-Pro Breathable Nitrile on Nylon & Lycra Infused Liner Gloves fully comply with AS/NZS 2161:2015 and European Standard EN388.3221

The European Standard EN388 performance guide is as follows. The higher the number the better the relevant protection. 
EN388 Standard Chart
  • Size: 7
  • Quantity: 1 Pair
  • European Standards EN388 Rating: 3221 (see blue performance guide above)
Order 12 pairs to receive one packet

Best Applications
Mining, light fabrication, construction, petroleum industry, automotive manufacturing, shipping and handling, general purpose 

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