ProSense MaxiPro PU Nitrile Dip on Nylon Lycra Liner - Size 11

This ProSense™ MaxiPro glove has a nitrile foam dip. The most dextrous gloves in the ProChoice range, the MaxiPro has been designed specifically for tasks that require sensitivity, offering superior grip and protection without sacrificing hand feel.

Product Details
  • (BHT) Bare Hand Technology
  • Seamless 15 gauge, nylon fused Lycra shell
  • Nitrile water-based PU foam coating for enhanced gripping power and maximum dexterity in wet and dry conditions
ProSense NPN MaxiPro PU Nitrile Dip on Nylon Lycra Liner Gloves fully comply with AS/NZS 2161:2015 and European Standard EN388.4121

The European Standard EN388 performance guides are as follows. The higher the number the better the relevant protection. 
EN388 Standard Chart
  • Size: 11
  • Quantity: 1 Pair
  • European Standards EN388 Rating: 4121 (see blue performance guide above)
Order 12 pairs to receive one packet

Best Applications
Assembly, automotive, foundry / fabrication, clean room assembly, electronics assembly, manufacturing - delicate and precise operations, painting

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