LINQ Res-Q Kit Complete with 50m of Rope

The LINQ Res-Q Kit Complete provides a comprehensive rescue solution to raise or lower conscious or unconscious workers in the event of a fall. 

  • 50m of rope 
  • The 4:1 pulley system provides reduced effort for the rescuer
  • Every 100kg of mass only requires 25kg of effort
  • Pre-assembled pulley and rope
  • Static kernmantle rope comes with I.D trace as per AS/NZS 4142 requirement for traceability
  • Min break load of 35kN provides enhanced strength.
  • Can be used to raise and lower
  • Back up braking mechanism comes as a standard feature
  • The braking mechanism can be engaged by the rescuer or set up to brake automatically
  • Comes with two (2) tie offs to allow for mounting of the RES-Q Kit and to also utilise the braking mechanism as a standalone device without being attached to the rescuer
  • Heavy duty bag comes with shoulder straps and the convenience of a stowage area for the rescue pole

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