Thorzt Solo Shot Sugar Free Sachet 3g makes 600ml, Packet of 50 - 5 Assorted Flavours

THORZT SSSF Solo Shot is a concentrated sugar free, low GI powder that has been scientifically formulated by Olympic athletes to meet the hydration needs of a hard working body in extreme working conditions. 

Contains the essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, branch chain amino acids and low-GI carbohydrates which are missed in many other sports drinks. 

THORZT is a pleasant tasting, sugar free, low gluten and caffeine free worker-tested drink that re-establishes the correct electroltye-fluid balance for optimum worker performance.

THORZT is a serious hydration product for a safe work place. 

  • Size: 3g Sugar Free Solo Shot Satchel - makes 600ml
  • Flavours: Lemon Lime, Wild Berry, Orange, Tropical, Blue Lemonade
  • Quantity: Carton of 50 sachels (10 of each flavour)

Add a satchel to a drink bottle for the perfect mix. Handy drink coolers and drink bottles are also available here.

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See the product data sheet here