Velcro VEL430033B LogiStrap Self-engaging Re-usable Strap 50mm X 7m - Blue

The Velcro Logistrap fastening strap or pallet band with metal buckles is designed to easily and efficiently secure goods in a warehouse environment. The buckles assist in pulling the strap back onto itself to secure and brace items in pallets. This simple yet effective revolutionary solution saves time and money in the warehouse.

The nylon fastener strap is soft to touch and will not damage packaging, pallet boxes, sleeve packs or collapsible containers in warehouses or closed-loop logistics. It can also be used to secure loads together whilst being transported within the warehouse eliminating the need to wrap and re-wrap pallets with pallet stretch film.
  • Size: 50mm X 7m
  • Colour: Blue
  • Quantity: Each

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