Vixen Portable EQ Mount

The Vixen Portable EQ Mount is a sturdy panhead used to install the POLARIE U on a camera tripod and helps adjust the orientation of the POLARIE U as accurately as possible to achieve an accurate polar alignment with the polar alignment scope PF-LII . This polar fine adjustment unit DX enables the mounted POLARIE U to move little by little in the directions of up and down and side to side.


  • Equipped with quick release plate holder (plate receiving part)
  • Compatible with a variety of tripods such as 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and tripods for astronomical telescopes
  • Wide setting range: altitude -35 to 90°, azimuth 360° (stepless)
  • Double screw type fine adjustment screw that can be securely fixed
  • Compatible with plate holder SX (sold separately)


Altitude angle range 0 to 90° (-35 to 90°) Coarse movement range Approx. 110° Fine movement range ±7.5°
Azimuth range 0 to 360° Coarse movement range 360° Fine movement range ±7.5°
Altitude tremor Double screw type, fine movement screw specification, 1 rotation about 2°
Azimuth Double screw type, fine movement screw specification, 1 rotation about 2°
Available weight (recommended) About 8kg
Compatible models Starry Sky Platform Polarie U, Starry Sky Platform Polarie, AP Starry Sky Platform, single-lens camera body (commercially available product), thin attachment plate standard compatible
Mountable tripod etc. Camera tripod (1/4 inch, 3/8 inch screw), APP-TL30, ASG-CB90, SXG-HAL130, SXG-P85DX, SXG half pillar
Size 59 x 126 x 59mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight 795gm

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