E-Panel Corner Screen Right Hand 750mm (W) White Brackets

The E-Panel Corner Screen is suitable for single and double sided desks. The corner screens can be fitted on either the left or right hand side of desks depending on their orientation. 

Choose from Marl Grey or Pearl Grey colours.


  • 12mm E-panel pinnable substrate
  • 30mm radius corners top and bottom
  • Designed for the Agile desking range, sits 400mm above desk
  • Choose from white or black brackets to match worktops
  • Water and impact resistant
  • 100% Polyester recycled PET
  • Great sound barrier
  • Right Hand
  • Screen Size: 750mm (W)
  • Suitable for: Agile desking range
  • Brackets: White 
  • 15 year warranty

For the E-Panel Desk Hung Screen Specification Sheet, click here

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Eco Green

  • Recycled material