Essential for remaining visible, warm and dry in New Zealand’s fast changing weather conditions, SupplyMe stocks a wide range of hi visibility rainwear, jackets and pants. Available in a large selection of popular styles and colours, and with fast nation-wide shipping, shop high visibility rainwear today.

Hi Vis Raincoats

Stay dry and visible in the heaviest of downpours with a hi vis raincoat and waterproof pants from SupplyMe. Our range includes heavyweight garments suitable for colder conditions, and hi vis lightweight rain jackets and pants, suitable for warmer and more humid weather. Supply also stocks a wider range of general purpose hi vis jackets here.

Men's & Women's Hi Vis Raincoats

At SupplyMe, we understand the importance of having high-quality, comfortable and workplace appropriate high visibility clothing. To ensure that you stay comfortable, safe and dry in the workplace, we stock a leading range of men’s and women's raincoats and pants to fit different body types, preferences and working environments.

Lightweight Hi Vis Jackets

Lightweight hi vis jackets are ideal for remaining dry and visible in warmer conditions, or for use as a backup jacket for those unexpected showers. SupplyMe stocks a range of hi vis lightweight, waterproof jackets with built in vents to help keep you cool and comfortable year round.